Be part of the BigTime ecosystem passively

TAG proudly stands as the leading guild within BigTime, boasting an impressive holding of 23,000+ NFTs and a dedicated team of over 100 scholars under management. We've been hard at work to create a seamless and rewarding experience for our community.

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Time Alliance Guild

Introducing the Time Alliance Guild (TAG) and the $TIME Token, the key to a superior BigTime gaming experience. TAG proudly leads the way in BigTime, with THE BIGGEST collection of BigTime NFTs, efficiently managed by a dedicated team of scholars. We've carefully designed a seamless and highly rewarding experience for our community.

How It Works

$TIME Token is your gateway to unlocking the potential of the next-generation GameFi leader, BigTime. We're eliminating the hassles you face in the gaming world.

No Need To Purchase High-End GPUs

We have all of the scalable infrastructure to yield on our assets without significant investment.

No Need To Grind

Our expert scholars handle all of the grinding aspects to the BigTIme ecosystem.

Low Barrier To Entry

No delays to withdraw. No need to collect NFTs to farm tokens. No need to KYC.

Optimized For Success

We have all of the ecosystem assets that are optimal for yielding.


Development: 30%
LP: 50%
DevelopmentLPTeamMarketing / CEX
Team: 15%
Marketing / CEX: 5%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Time Alliance Guild (TAG) and the $TIME Token enhance the BigTime gaming experience?

    TAG offers a seamless gaming experience with 23,000+ NFTs and 100 scholars. $TIME Token eliminates the need for high-end GPUs and manual character piloting.
  • What are the key aspects of $TIME Tokenomics and how will the funds from its launch be allocated?

    $TIME Tokenomics include 50% LP Fair Launch on Uniswap, 15% for the team, 5% for marketing and CEX listing reserves. These funds support development, marketing, and exchange listings.
  • How does the buyback mechanism benefit $TIME Token holders, and what ROI can they expect?

    The buyback mechanism uses scholar accounts farmed $BigTime tokens to benefit $TIME Token holders with an estimated ROI of approximately 560%.
  • What upcoming plans and developments can gamers expect from TAG and the BigTime community?

    Stay tuned for future updates and exciting developments to enhance the BigTime gaming experience.